The old canopy’s gone. So is the pump island. The asphalt’s been torn up. The building’s painted metal skin has been peeled off. And a tall fence now surrounds the property. (We got our photo by holding our camera overhead.)

But the structure remains.

What’s going on at the long-dormant gasoline station on Harding Road, a block east of Broad Street?

Not much, says Ray Rapcavage, of Ray Rap Realty on Mechanic Street.

“There are no plans at this time other than to tidy the site up and keep away tresspassers,” Rapcavage tells redbankgreen via email.

Borough officials say there are permits for the work described above. The underground gasoline storage tanks, by the way, were removed years ago.

But no plans have been filed for a new use for the site, says Donna Barr-Smith, who heads the Planning and Zoning department.

The property was purchased for $500,000 from an estate last July by Victorian Apartments LLC, according to Monmouth County records. Rapcavage’s name is on the permits, but it’s unclear what his relationship is to that company. Ray Rap and Victorian Apartments each gives its address as 10 Mechanic Street.

Anyone have thoughts on what would make a good business for this location?

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