Today’s Asbury Park Press has a feature about Victor Conti and his Von Dutch freaky motorcycles shop on West Front Street.


The year-old business sells custom bikes — excuse us, kustom bikes — that look like something out of a comic book illustrator’s fever dream, with bulbous “soft tail” rear wheels, mile-long extension forks and an unmistakable air of menace to them. They’re true road art.

Not that you’d know it from the Press story, which foregoes any attempt at description in favor of a workmanlike overview of 57-year-old Conti’s longtime love of motorcycles (dating back to the time he was a 12-year-old in Florence, Italy) to the clothing on offer in the store.

From the story, which appears in the business section:

Opened a year ago, it is listed as one of the small chain’s flagship stores, along with shops in New York and Norway, Los Angeles and London, Milan and Moscow.

While not everyone can afford one of the sleek motorcycles, which generally cost between $37,000 and $55,000, the store also has plenty of motorcycle-related accessories for sale, including shirts, pants, trucker hats, jewelry, belts and handbags.

Unasked and unanswered is whether and where the store’s prospective customers get to take the big-ticket, one-of-a-kind bikes out for test drives on the streets of Red Bank.

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