Reader David Wilson was the first to identify last week’s image: a statue at the entrance to Parker-Sickles Park in Little Silver.

Bob Colmorgen got it, also. On a hunch, enroute from the family homestead to his residence in Eatontown, Bob took a detour out Rumson Road to confirm the location.

OK, so we rotated the image off its normal axis (see below). It just looked better that way, and made us feel like we were viewing the statue while leaning back in a high-swooping swing. Must be the season.


This week’s image is the fifty-second in the series. Yes, this little hyperlocal news website will be a year old on June 1, and the weekly ‘Where’ has turned out to be far more popular than we knew to expect when we started. A couple of times a week, people who never submit responses tell us how much they look forward to it. So it’s kind of a touchstone, and maybe a little institution in the making.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It takes way more than a year to make an institution, and we haven’t wrapped up our first yet.

So, who can identify this week’s image? Newcomers and regulars from Day One are invited to submit reponses to us via email, please.

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