The mud is flying again in the Jim McGreevey v. Dina Matos McGreevey marital spat, with the ex-Mrs. McG claiming in a lawsuit that the former governor’s accusation that she’s a homophobe have hurt sales of her newly released tell-all book.

A book, by the way, that she’ll be in Red Bank to flog later this month.

The Associated Press has a story, carried by the Asbury Park Press, which reports:

A little over a month after filing libel and defamation claims against her estranged husband for calling her homophobic and saying she made anti-gay statements, Matos McGreevey has charged in court papers that his claims have negatively affected the sales of her recently released memoir.

Matos McGreevey said the former governor “used his experience in manipulating the media” by making his claims “shortly before the publication of (her) much anticipated memoir.”

The claims were reported in today’s editions of the New York Post.

The book, “Silent Partner,” was released on May 1 and was ranked No. 4,044 on Tuesday morning. Her husband’s book, titled “The Confession,” was ranked 14,111. It was released last September.

Matos McGreevey alleges that the claims that she was homophobic and knew
about her estranged husband’s sexual orientation before they were married have kept book sales down “by deterring purchases by members of the gay community (and to) members of the general public who were interested in whether she knew of his sexual orientations when the parties married.”

She also claims in court papers that because of her estranged husband’s
comments, “”persons were deterred from associating with her” in her capacity as head of a nonprofit foundation that raises money for Newark’s Columbus Hospital.

The former governor moved last month to have the libel and defamation charges dismissed.

Matos McGreevey is scheduled to appear at the Molly Pitcher Inn from 6-10p on Thursday, June 28 to sign copies of her book.

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