The seemingly unstoppable Colmorgen kids — siblings Bob, Carl and Kathy Lou — triple-teamed the latest ‘Where.’

This is one avid trio. Now we hear that even young Mother Colmorgen has caught ‘Where’ fever from her children, none of whom is under age 60.

In conversation, a couple of readers told us they didn’t bother sending in answers because they figured it was so “obvious” that the picture was taken on Broad Street that we’d be swamped.

Well, the building is on East Front Street, not Broad, and we weren’t exactly swamped. Those may be related facts.

To be more specific, its a closeup of the cornice atop 23 East Front.

Others who got it included Dayna Stein (of the Dueling Steins), the mother-son combo of Fran and Frankie Waldman, and somebody going by the priceless moniker of Rico Suave. So intrigued were we by the name that we Googled it, and learned among other things that it’s an urban label for a kind of stock character, the Latin lover who oozes charm.

If that’s your real name, Rico, we bow down in both humility and admiration.

Now, dear readers, who can beat the Colmorgens to the email machine with the location for this week’s ‘Where?’

If you know the answer, or think you know, drop us a line, please.

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