Last week’s ‘Where’ turned out to be a twin, or maybe a triplet.

A number of readers were quite certain that the outdoor bays full of decorative gravel and mulch shown in the photo were at Ryser’s Landscape Supply on White Road in Little Silver. Someone else ventured Monmouth Building Center on Shrewsbury Avenue in Shrewsbury.

Nope, though that second one was close.

Answer: Petruzelli Brothers, just a few doors south of Monmouth Building on Shrewsbury Avenue.

Someone identified only by the name “islandere2” was the first with the correct answer. The winner tells us only that, like the Colmorgen brothers, he or she was also born and raised in Red Bank.

Also getting it right was Raeanne Marie Guzzi, from Mayor Pasquale Menna’s private law office.

Thanks to all who wrote in. And, oh, a clarification. Though we reported last week that no one had gotten the location of the prior week’s picture, which showed the large brushed-metal spheres in front of the Garden Shop in Little Silver, one reader did submit a correct answer. Because of a problem with our email server, though, we never got the response. A few wrong answers never made it here, either, we found out.


Our apologies to Christine Jahning.

Frankly, even after the submission of numerous help tickets and a couple of hours on hold with a vendor, we’re not sure that the server is working properly. (Problems with the same vendor also bolloxed up our efforts to send out our weekly email blast last week, and as of this hour that issue still hasn’t been resolved.)

Anyway, if you think you know the answer to this week’s image, send an email here (a different address than we usually use.) Thanks, all.

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