A couple of wild stabs came in on last week’s image, but none hit the mark.

Alex Turoczi thought it might be part of the awning at the Two River Theater, and the Colmorgens — uncharacteristically flailing — entered a “wild guess” that it showed part of the Ebner’s billboard atop 1 East Front Street.

Mike Halfacre came closest, both geographically and structurally, when he guessed the Oyster Point Hotel.

Answer: the windows on the former Hovnanian headquarters next to the Cooper Bridge (Route 35) in Middletown, just across the Navesink from the hotel.

If you’re having trouble figuring it out, you’re not looking through metal framework: you’re seeing the sky reflected in the glass (which for some reason always reminds us of the gold-tinged visors that NASA astronauts wore on the moon).

Well, that was fun, stumping the Colmorgens!

This week, a flight of fancy. Know where this is? If so, please shoot us an email.

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