The Wesleyan Arms senior citizens housing complex on Wall Street is battling an infestation of bedbugs that took hold in late October, this week’s issue of the Bayshore Independent reports.


A resident of the six-story, 60-unit building told the newspaper that an exterminator sprayed the place and gave a presentation on the quarter-inch insects, which hide in mattresses and bed linens and feed on sleeping humans at night.

From the story:

“We’re assisting residents as needed both during and after this extermination process,” said Cynthia Jacques, vice president of Housing for United Methodist Homes (UMH), in a statement released Nov. 15. “We continue to provide whatever is necessary to eradicate this problem and to assure that our residents, employees and guests have a secure environment in which to live, work and enjoy.”

The little critters are becoming a widespread problem because of the difficulty in eradicating them.

“You just don’t come in and spray once and they’re eliminated, they don’t even say elimination, they say control,” said Monmouth County Regional Health Commission (MCRHC) Health Officer Sidney B. Johnson. “If they get a blood meal, they only feed once a year.”

According to the Health Department, control of a bedbug infestation is best achieved through sound sanitation practices such as vacuuming the mattresses and the rest of the dwelling frequently, cleaning and sanitizing the dwelling and cleaning all bedding and clothing in hot water.

In addition, mattresses and box springs can be permanently encased within special mattress bags, according to the Health Department.

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