Councilman Michael DuPont contends that this flier, distributed by Republican Councilman John Curley to Red Bank residents last week, is a smear on his wife. [Click on flier to enlarge]

In a letter to the editor published in the current issue of the Two River Times (print version only), DuPont says the handout — printed on vivid green paper — defames his wife, Doreen, who gave birth to twins earlier this year.

As evidence, Dupont cites the flier’s claim that “Our new Mayor [Pasquale] Menna appointed DuPont and [former Mayor Ed] McKenna’s wife to the Planning Board. How cozy.”

On his first day as mayor in January, Menna nominated Christine McKenna to serve as an alternate member of the planning board for a term that ends Dec. 31. The nomination was part of an omnibus reorganization resolution that included several dozen appointments. Curley voted no on the measure, which was passed by the Democratic majority. Download rb_appointments_10107.pdf

DuPont, however, is not on the planning board and has never been, he says.

Here’s an excerpt from DuPont’s letter:

Councilman Curley, your lime-green letter endorsing your colleagues defames my wife with falsehoods and insinuations. You owe her an apology and the truth to the residents of Red Bank. Your lime-green letter is simply political slime.

But Curley’s handout does not make any mention of DuPont’s spouse, unless it is interpreted as meaning DuPont and McKenna are maried to the same woman.


redbankgreen asked DuPont to clarify his letter. Here’s what he wrote back to us this morning:

The letter mentions my wife as stating she is on the
planning board and how cozy the relationship is with Mayor Menna. She is not
on the planning board and neither am I. My wife is not political and should
no be referred to in a letter handed out days before an election. Once again
Curley simply misrepresents the truth for his own purpose. Or will he say
the letter is badly written? Whichever he says there is simply no
accountability on his behalf or moral responsibility.

He adds later that “my copy had DuPont’s and Mckenna’s wife thus the implication.”

As Curley also writes that “former Mayor McKenna continues to pull the puppet strings with his law partner DuPont on the Borough Council,” DuPont would appear to have a genuine beef with his GOP foil on the council.

As to that allegation, DuPont says:

I was elected by the people of Red Bank and serve with humbleness and honor. I am not swayed or directed by former Mayor McKenna, who cares about Red Bank but at this time, his family is his first priority.

The Curley flier criticizes the Democrats for their stance on healthcare insurance for elected officials and promotes the council candidacies of Curley’s fellow Republicans: incumbent Grace Cangemi and office-seekers John Tyler and James Coolahan.

They’re facing Democratic incumbent Sharon Lee and newcomers Kathleen Horgan and Ed Zipprich in Tuesday’s election.

Cangemi and Zipprich are head-to-head on the ballot for the one-year balance of former Councilwoman Kaye Ernst’s seat, to which Cangemi was appoint for remainder of 2007.

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