A Lincroft rare-coin dealer has brokered the sale of a collection of prototype coins, some hundreds of years old, for $30 million, the Associated Press reported over the weekend.


Inclued in the private transaction were about 1,000 coins made between 1792 and 1942 that the U.S. Mint rejected for mass-production and circulation, the wire service reported.

From the story:

“This collection is an incredible collection. … These were some of the first coins ever, ever struck by the United States government,” said Laura Sperber, a partner in Legend Numismatics of Lincroft, N.J., which brokered the deal.

The seller wanted to remain anonymous, and the buyer, concerned about security, agreed to be identified only as “Mr. Simpson, a Western states collector,” Sperber said.

“Both the buyer and the seller are very competitive people. And they’re very successful in their careers, and they both love the romance and collectability of coins,” Sperber said.

Legend is the dealer that handled the sale of a a single coin for $5 million last April.

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