Ted Jeremenko is a visual artist whose work exudes a meticulous craftsmanship.

Ditto for Nick Berger.

Both ponder people-free American landscapes that evoke a sense of something lost, or quickly vanishing, to the great detriment of our culture. Both are infatuated with color.

Yet their paintings could hardly be less alike. Berger’s are breathtakingly naturalistic, with an affinity for the fading light of day. Jeremenko’s are idealized renderings of perfectly geometrical houses and lighthouses in proximity to, but never really overlooking, large bodies of water.

Starting this weekend, Berger’s and Jeremenko’s works will be brought together, not for the first time, at the Beacon Fine Arts Gallery, for a show that runs for little more than two weeks, wrapping up Dec. 3.

The artists are scheduled to be present for Saturday’s opening reception, from 6 to 10p.

The Gallery is at 61 Monmouth Street, opposite Teak. RSVPs via email or by phone at 732.936.0888.

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