For the second time in three months, a woman has given birth in her car near Exit 109 of the Parkway.

Timothy Van Orden Jr. was delivered by emergency medical personnel shortly after 1p on Dec. 12 on Newman Springs Road, according to a press release from Middletown Township.

Police and rescue personnel were alerted after someone in the car in which Mary Beth Van Orden was riding along the Parkway twice called 911 and hung up before giving any information; after the second call, the dispatcher dialed the incoming number back and learned that a woman in the car was about to give birth.

The press release doesn’t say if the mother was a passenger or driver of the car or if she made the call.

Police found the car pulled over on Newman Springs near Half Mile Road. Four police officers determined that childbirth was imminent and prepared for delivery, according to the release.

Emergency Medical Technician Tanya Gioia from the Port Monmouth First Aid Squad arrived on scene and delivered the baby, the announcement says. Little Timothy and his mother were transported to Riverview Medical Center.

The police and rescue personnel were honored at the Middletown Township Committee meeting Monday night, an event attended by the baby’s parents. The Van Ordens’ hometown wasn’t identified.

In September, Zachary Nina was born in the same vicinity just minutes after his parents, Anthony Nina and Cristela Diaz of Aberdeen, left a doctor’s office following a checkup in Holmdel.

In that case, the mother gave birth without assistance as her husband pulled the car off the highway onto to an exit ramp. Zachary was almost a month early.

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