Dweksun_bankMinimum bid: $2.48 million.

Yes, it comes with a bank vault.

The former home of a Sun National Bank branch, 170 Broad Street is up for auction as part of the piecemeal selloff of assets from the bankrupt Solomon Dwek empire.

Dwek, in case you haven’t read the 200-plus stories written about him by the Asbury Park Press, is the guy who… well, here’s the Press boilerplate bio graf:

Dwek lost control of his assets last year after he bounced a $25 million check at a PNC Bank branch in Eatontown. He was charged with bank fraud by the FBI and now creditors say he owes them $350 million.

Back in November, redbankgreen had the scoop on the sale of 7 Broad Street from Dwek’s hastily-assembled collection of properties.

Now, this building, which until recently was also the home to Mayor Pasquale Menna’s law office and the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, is going under the gavel.

Minimum overbid: $2,480,750. Bids must be submitted by Feb. 12 to Keen Consultants, which is handling the sale of this and other Dwek properties on behalf of bankruptcy trustee Charles A. Stanziale Jr.

An official at Keen confirmed that the building it still has a bank vault inside.

Anyone know the history of this structure? We vaguely recall having read it was once a supermarket. True?

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