Three observant readers were able to identify the newly re-exposed bit of architectural detail featured in last week’s ‘Where.’

As noted by the Colmorgen Kids, Cathi Swett and Bobby Holiday, the photo shows a semi-circular window at 157 Broad Street, at the corner of Harding Road. It’s on the western side of the building, above the entrance to the Bank America branch.

A couple of pieces of siding appear to have been removed from the building, including a section that covered over the window and its opulent stone framing, exposing some wonders lost to modern passersby.

Because of the holiday, though, we were unable to get in touch with anyone at Walter Zimmerer & Son, the listed owner of the building, to find out what’s up.

Likewise, we’re eager to take a closer look in the vicinity of the Dublin House, where one reader thought the detail came from. He referred to 32 Monmouth Street, which is the former home of Red Bank Borough Hall, now Stokaboka.

As always, thanks to all who wrote in.

If you think you know where we took this week’s shot, or simply want to guess, shoot us an email, please.

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