Img_3671Centennial logo design winner Alexis Holiday is a fourth-generation Red Banker.

The winner of a contest for a logo to commemorate Red Bank’s first hundred years is a 14-year-old Charter School student who only recently began dabbling in Adobe Photoshop, the computer application in which she created her design.

Her entry was the unanimous choice of a panel of judges from among 30 or so designs by professional and amateur illustrators, “from very tender-aged people to those who are not-so-tender-aged,” Mayor Pasquale Menna said in a ceremony at Borough Hall last night.

But Alexis Holiday’s logo seems all the more fitting given how closely her own heritage is tied to that of her hometown.


Alexis’s great-grandfather was a borough fire chief, said Menna. So was her grandfather. So was her father, Bob, who is a supervisor in the Public Works department.

And her paternal grandmother, Arlene Holiday, who was present last night — along with a smattering of Holidays and a gaggle of kids from the Charter School — was for many years a borough court administrator. Prior to the ceremony, Arlene explained to her granddaughters where the defendants sit when the council chamber is used as a courtroom.

“We’re honoring someone who has her roots and love and affection” for Red Bank reflected in her design, said Menna.

The design incorporates the already existing image of an ice boat into a a golden frame. It will be printed on stationery, posters and t-shirts, among other items.

Alexis tells us she’s been admitted to the visual and performing arts academy at Red Bank Regional next year.

“I work in Photoshop just for fun, but this is the first time I’ve ever done a logo,” she tells redbankgreen. Considering that, she adds, winning the contest “feels good.”

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