Half a dozen readers quickly identified last week’s image, which showed an architectural detail from the roofline of 74 Broad Street, at the northwest corner of Monmouth Street.

Now the street-level location of a Valley National Bank branch, the building was historically known as the Swift Building (follow the link to page 26 of Randall Gabrielan’s “Images of America: Red Bank, Vol. III”). It was built, according to Gabrielan, in 1900-01.

We think that design element is a part of the cornice known as a frieze, but here we could just be throwing around architectural lingo without a clue. Perhaps there’s an entablature buff out there who can put us on the level.

Thanks to Carl Colmorgen, Peter DeFazio, Jenn Woods (back in the game at last!), Les Hathaway, Monmouth911, medic1876 (maybe those last two should hook up to talk emergencies) and Mary Kate (Graham) Kane for answering, though one of them — we won’t say who — mistook it for the Red Bank Catholic auditorium.

Not to show off, but we’re pretty sure this week’s image is what’s known in the trade as a “neon sign.” Know where it is? Tell us, please.

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