Last week’s ‘Where’ showed a pile of big rocks below a guardrail and some bent parking signs.

It’s the riprap on Union Avenue opposite the Monmouth Boat Club. The view is from Boat Club Court.

That slope, behind some businesses on West Front Street, used to be heavily overgrown, we recall. In fact, we weren’t aware that the trees and weeds had been torn out and replaced by rocks until we wandered down there recently for the first time in some months.

But Carl Colmorgen, Mark Molzon, Pete DeFazio and Monmouth911 knew it. All but Carl also got the previous week’s ‘Where.’ Of course, Carl and his siblings Kathy Lou and Bob (aka the Colmorgen Kids) all but owned this feature for most of 2007.

If you’d like to take a guess at the location of this week’s image, send us an e, please.

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