SpringGettin’ the band back together…

Gone are the days when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band would do two shows a night at what was then known as the Carlton Theatre and the Monmouth Arts Center.

But word that the whole E Street Band would be joining Springsteen at what had been planned as a solo show at the renamed Count Basie Theatre on May 7 has stirred up some online chatter among fans.

Many of them see the change in plans as a sign that Springsteen & Co. plan a home-county tribute to the late keyboardist/accordionist Danny Federici, who died last month.

Here’s a sampling of the online chatter, first from a Springsteen thread on Google groups:

The only tix available now are thru Amex Gold Card events. I called
just out of curiousity. 5 grand for Row N center (pair) or 500,000
points. 7 grand for Loge Row C and up to 30 grand for a pair in the

It’s going to be interesting to see what the crowd is like considering
what the tix cost. With the exception of the small allotment of $500
tickets in the balcony, everyone in the audience will have paid $1000
a ticket and in most cases much more.


Wednesday night in Jersey… pretty much a no-go at any price.

Who knows? Maybe Bruce will like a full band show in a theater so
much that he’ll find a way to do more of ’em (yeah, right).


It is odd but I think that is more of an indication that the show was
not aimed at Bruce’s fans but more at patron of the arts who support
the theater and as an added bonus are getting a “private” Bruce show.
Obviously some of those people will be Bruce fans but this is clearly
not going to be your normal crowd.

From the fanzine Backstreets:

For an E St Band show is such a small venue, I would have strongly considered going to this and scrapping plans for attending some summer/fall shows. How often do you get to see Bruce and the E St Band in a place like this? I can’t understand why anybody would be dissapointed. I’m sure Bruce will play acoustic shows again in a few years.

This could easily end up being the best show of the tour, imo.


I’m not disappointed at all however I was looking forward to the acoustic show and anticipating a different setlist. I know it will be an amazing show! I’m just wondering what the setlist will be…the element of surprise is refreshing.


I take exception with the comments that only wealthy, nondedicated fans are going. I’m going and while I do just fine, I’m far from wealthy. I got a ticket when they were offered for $500 (which was really only $375 after you consider the tax savings) and I then sold my 2 Charlottesville tickets. It was basically a wash since I now wasn’t paying for a hotel and other travel expenses.

I also know someone who did buy tickets through the auction and he is very well off. He also happens to be a very dedicated fan who has been to 150+ shows. While I’m sure there are some people who are going only because they can afford to go, there are plenty of dedicated Bruce fans who are well-established in their careers, their kids are grown and can afford to splurge. Its just wrong to make generalizations.


It’s not wrong to make generalizations, you and everyone else do it everyday. Generally the people who will be at the show are very rich supporters of the theatre, in my opinion the majority will not be his “dedicated” fans. I have no problem with that, nor do I have a problem with it being switched to an E-Street band show (I had a typo before). Bruce could give a show where he charges $100,000 a ticket and I’d be fine with it. That said, $500.00 for a ticket, like you said, isn’t too bad when you can write it off and if you give up another show you were planning on.


something tells me this may not be a normal ESB show and there may be more talking and stuff

but i guess we’ll jus have to wait a week and find out


I think that Jeremy makes a great point. What would a normal ESB show prove? If it does indeed become a tribute type show for Danny, with the timing, location, and setting working in favor of that, everyone going might be in for a real treat.

Imagine if they played for a bit, sat around and told some stories, and played some more. There are plenty of possibilities. To all of those going, my guess is that you have the chance to see a very special night.


Bruce, sell the dvd and keep the donations to The CBT comin’


I still won’t believe it until they are on the stage but I hope it does end up being one for those who are attending.

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