Last week’s image proved to be one of the more popular yet puzzling ‘Wheres’ we’ve had in a while.

Plenty of readers had no trouble identifying the location. Jenn Woods, George Lyristis, Alicia Woods, Fran Waldmann, Jennifer Gallagher, Raeann Guzzi, Dayna Stein, Pete DeFazio and Susan McLaughlin all hobnailed it. But several were flummoxed by the distortion.

Explanation: It’s a shot of the storefront window of If the Shoe Fits at 18 Broad Street, and part of the window is made of a beautifully curved glass.

So you’re getting a little distortion, and a lot of reflection (that’s why you can see the Hamilton Jewelers sign, backwards) as well as the goods in the shoestore window.

Thank you to all who wrote in.

Now, reflect on this week’s image. Know where we took it? Send us an email with your guess, please.

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