Mirror, mirror on the tree, who knows this ‘Where’ with certainty?

Last week‘s generated eight responses, several of which were rather emphatic — readers sometimes get excited to ‘finally’ get a ‘Where’ — and, alas, mistaken.

Fran Waldmann, Fred Blumberg, Alan Placer and Wade Davis all guessed locations on Navesink River Road or at Harding Road and Hilltop Terrace. We can see why: we’re familiar with similar mirror-in-a-tree setups on both.

But Jenn Woods (who’s streaking again, Where-wise), Alicia Woods (Jenn’s mom), Mary Kate Kane and JaCDs58 all knew the correct answer: Little Silver Point Road opposite Parker Avenue.

Jenn and Alicia had a leg up on this one: Jenn grew up in the neighborhood and Alicia still lives there.

Oh, but do they know this one? Send us an email if you think you do.

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