‘Where’ readers had two chances to get last week’s image, which showed the word ‘Oh!’ scrawled on a guardrail.

As nearly all of our respondents pointed out, its on the Hubbard’s Bridge on West Street, visible as you’re leaving Red Bank into River Plaza. Heading west, in other words.

But we’d have accepted eastbound, also, as the same grafitti appears on the opposite end of the same guardrail.

Oh, my.

Jenn Woods, William Crooks, Jackie Patterson, Ken Ameika, Joan Fabiano, Anonymous Doug, Judy Barnaby from the Antiques Center, Julie Allsman and Patricia Fitzgerald all recognized it, many noting that it’s a feature of their daily commute. Thanks for writing in to each.

Any idea what this week’s photo shows? Give it some thought and shoot us an email if you’ve got a guess.

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