Last week’s ‘Where‘ had respondents divided, though they were all in the same realm.

Les Hathaway saw it as the exhaust stack on a Red Bank DPW truck. Bob Colmorgen said our photo was shot at the former Red Bank dump site at the western end of West Sunset Avenue; his brother Carl saw it as a piece of equipment from Red Bank Recycling, a private company, on South Central Avenue. More particularly, Pete DeFazio and Monmouth911 identified it as a car crusher at that location.

Carl, Pete and Monmouth911 had the location right; as for what the machine is used for, we’ll defer to Pete and M911. Our photographer was harassed away from the site by recycling company workers, one of whom literally stood between her and the object she was photographing from a public street and then shadowed her until she was almost a block away. So whatever it is, it obviously needs goonish safeguarding from a petite woman.

Anyway… back to the fun and games. This week’s image closes out our second year of ‘Where’s’ here at redbankgreen, which launched June 1, 2006, for all you newcomers — and judging by our soaring hit counts, there are many of you.

Can you tell us where the photo above was taken? Go ahead, take a stab at it. Send us your answer here, please.

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