You can live in a place for years and years and still occasionally experience a moment of discovery that’s small but feels big at the time.

That’s what happened to redbankgreen in stumbling on the site of last week‘s photo.

Monmouth911, Cheryl Ameika, Wendy Spencer and Pete DeFazio all knew this little spot. The picture shows a retaining wall at a parking lot across Shrewsbury Avenue from the Galleria and near, several readers pointed out, the G&G Hot Dogs truck.

“Great spot to sit and eat your dogs from G&G, and has a good view of the river,” says Cheryl.

Make ours a chili dog, please.

We kick off year three of ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ (and, of course, redbankgreen — can you believe it?) with a lush and inviting green sofa motif.

Why? Well, because it feels right.

Can you identify the location of the image on the pillow? If you think so, please send us an email.

Meantime, thanks to Monmouth911, Cheryl, Wendy and Pete.

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