Jenn Woods, Donald Patters, William Crooks, Fred Blumberg, Pete DeFazio, Matt Borowski and Carl Colmorgen all wrote in to correctly identify the slice of urban skyline we featured in last week’s photo.

It’s a view looking northeast across Broad Street in Red Bank from Monmouth Street, and captures pieces of several facades and roofs, including the Smith Barney building, the new Metropolitan condo project going up on the old Dorn’s Photo site, a bit of the facade of the former Chic Optique store and a good chunk of the building that houses Marisa Boutique.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

This week’s, well, without much in the way of reference points, you either know it or you don’t. But here’s a hint, in case you can’t make it out: the road is gravel. Not too many of those in these here parts.

Think you know it? Please, drop us a line.

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