There may not be many one-lane gravel roads in these here parts, but our picture of one last week proved that there are at least enough of them in one patch of Middletown to confuse some ‘Where’ fans.

A number of their guesses were in the right vicinity: Jenn Woods and Mayor John Ekdahl of Rumson took it to be Whipporwill Valley Road; Sue Noone, Christine Gavin and Anna Ott went for Browns Dock Road; and Mike McMahon opted incorrectly for nearby Hartshorne Woods.

William Crooks and Sandra Talarico covered their bases by calling it “the road that leads to Huber Woods.” But only Steven Mitchell and medic1876 correctly specified it as Bowne Road.

Steven went a step further, recognizing that the view was westward. Ah, yes, but what time was it taken?

Kidding. Thanks to all who wrote in.

This week, we’re back on the asphalt — or so one might assume. Think you know the location. Shoot us an email, please.

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