Fair_haven_dockThe Fair haven dock as seen on Friday. (Thanks to Joe Spagnuola for giving us access.)

The rebuilding of the Fair Haven dock moved ahead last week with work on a new gazebo.

Mayor Mike Halfacre tells redbankgreen that the project won’t be delayed by recent discovery that the dock’s bulkhead is in need of repair. Those fixes will be made sometime in the fall he says, by which time the necessary permits from the state Department of Environmental Protection are expected to be in hand.

Once the dock is completed, the bulkhead at the foot of Fair Haven Road will be covered to make access to the dock safe until those repairs can be made, Halfacre says.

From an email reply to an inquiry we sent over the weekend to Halfacre about the project:

There will obviously be additional cost involved, we are still waiting on final figures.

The bulkhead’s condition, while possibly discoverable, was not part of the scope of the project. It’s condition was brought to our attention by the contractor after work began on the dock.

Unfortunately, this is another peice of infrastructure that needs to be done, it is certainly not a discretionary item.

There’s no mention of the dock on tonight’s borough council agenda: Download councilagenda08-11-08.pdf.

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