Today’s Press reports that newly installed ‘no parking’ signs on an out-of-the way residential street in Little Silver have disappeared — every last trace of them, including the posts they were attached to.


The signs were installed just last month along the west side of Borden Place, the newspaper reports. The street is off the eastern end of Little Silver Point Road and terminates on Town Neck Creek.

From the Press:

“They went up a month ago — the second week of July. DPW put them up, and they lasted a couple of days,” said Howard Ostran of Borden Place. “They were taken down by the residents, posts and all.”

The no-parking signs may have been new to one side of the street, but the ordinance, prohibiting parking from June to September on both sides of the 20-foot-wide dead-end street, is not, Giblin said. Parking is prohibited for safety reasons to allow fire trucks, ambulances and garbage trucks to access the road, he said.

A promised meeting between residents and borough officials about the parking issue hasn’t yet happened, Ostran said.

Mayor Suzanne Castleman said that was because at least one of the borough’s traffic safety officers was on vacation.

“I talked to the chief, and there will be a meeting with residents and the police,” Castleman said, adding that the council and administration rely on the recommendation of the traffic safety officers.

Castleman said people can’t take matters into their own hands by removing the signs, adding “that is a police matter.”

The case of the no no-parking signs is being investigated by police, Chief Shannon Giblin told the Press. The newspaper doesn’t say how many signs were taken.

“Kids steal signs all the time,” he said. “Who’d do this is unknown.”

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