First thing last Thursday, we got an email from one of the Colmorgens guessing that the location of the ‘Where‘ posted that morning was above Mr. Pizza Slice on Monmouth Street.

A short while later, though, sibling Carl Colmorgen was spotted out on the street downtown doing some reconnaissance work. We kid you not: he was carrying a printout of the photo.

Now that is the kind of commitment to a recurring feature publishers like to see.

As Carl confirmed — and as Pete DeFazio and Stephen Mitchell sussed out on their own — the photo showed the upper floors of the building that’s home to the Ritz Salon, also on Monmouth Street.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

Now, to this week’s. The branding may be instantly familiar and seemingly ubiquitous, but this detail is something we here at Where Central have seen just once in this area. Plus, it’s new. Can you identify both its location and function? If you think you can, please send us an email.

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