This week: a rare multiple-angle clue set, because it’s August and your brain is in the south of France, or maybe Beijing, while your body’s here, stateside, on staycation.

Last week’s image showed an unusually tall fire hydrant being admired by a yellow Labrador retriever.

Who knew it was at a bend in East River Road, near the Rumson municipal building? The Colmorgens, via brother Bob; Wade Davis, Brian Valentino and Paul Cavalchire all did.

Jenn Woods mistook it for a similar bend in the road in Red Bank, just east of the Welsh Farms. So too, apparently, did Raeanne Guzzi.

The dog, by the way, is named Buster, and was being walked by a guy named Buzz. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Thanks to all who wrote in. If you know the location of this week’s Where, please send us an email.

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