Hudson_parking_red_bankFortunately, we had file art on hand to save us another trip out to Hudson.

Remember those two-hour parking signs that replaced the ones put up just a few months ago? Of course you do; it happened just yesterday.

Well, today those signs were removed and replaced, this time by the signs that were posted last spring. And Public Utilities Director Gary Watson is taking the blame.

“It was my fault,” he says. “I take the hit.” He said he apologizes to the public for the confusion.

Watson declined to specify what impelled him to swap out the signs yesterday, but says he’s been “getting my ass chewed off all day.”

As for his assertion that Hudson and the handful of other borough streets designated for resident permit parking are also two-hour zones for non-residents, Watson is now deferring to borough attorney Tom Hall.

redbankgreen has a call into Hall. We’ll post his answer as we get it.

Meantime, says Watson, “if you see my ass out there running around, let me know… Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.”

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