On tonight’s Red Bank borough council agenda are measures to eliminate at least two salaried positions and boost the pay of all non-unionized employees by 3.5 percent.

One job, the now-vacant position of deputy chief, would be eliminated as part of a police department restructuring. The position carries a base salary of $111,335 before longevity enhancements.

At the same time, the number of captains would be doubled from the present two, and the number of sergeants would drop by one, to seven. The ordinance calls for the number of lieutenants —the rank above sergeant and below captain — to remain at five. Salaries for those ranks were not disclosed.

Also up for 3.5-percent raises: the mayor and council. Mayor Pasquale Menna’s salary would rise to $7,301, and pay for each of the six council members would increase to $3,650.

Missing from the salary ordinance up for approval is the job of assistant director in Parks & Rec, a position most recently held by Tomora Young. Last year, the job carried a base salary of $37,435.

The proposed salaries are topped by the amount paid to Police Chief Mark Fitzgerald, whose base salary would rise to $121,634 if approved.

Next-highest: construction/fire official, a post held by Stanley Sickels, at $107,648. Sickels is also the borough administrator, purchasing agent and deputy clerk, a combination that would earn him another $42,493 if the ordinance passes.

Other top salaries include:

• Chief financial officer, comptroller and water/sewer collector, jobs now performed by Frank Mason, $91,054.

• Assistant administrator, acting public utilities director, certified recycling professional and parking utility manager, a quartet of hats worn by Gary Watson, $82,997.

• Fire subcode official, a post held by John Drucker, $80,717

• Borough clerk, a post held by Carol Vivona, $71,737.

• Building subcode official, Jim Williams, $71,190.

Salaried employees other than the police chief also get paid $500 a year for every five years of service to the borough.

Hourly workers would be paid a range from $7.66 an hour to $37.50 an hour.

All increases would be retroactive to January 1. The borough has budgeted $7 million for salaries in the current fiscal year.

Here’s the agenda, and here’s the salary ordinance:Download 2008-23.pdf

Here’s the police restructuring ordinance: Download 2008-22.pdf

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