Pressing ahead with a campaign to address alcohol and drug abuse, Red Bank Regional High will host a two-pronged program Thursday.


At 7p, John Underwood, president of the American Athletic Institute, will give a presentation for parents in the school auditorium.

The AAI counsels school districts and sports organizations nationwide on how to create and enforce athletic codes of conduct regarding drug and alcohol use, hazing and other issues. According to a press release from RBR, Underwood will offer data on underage drinking and drug use as well as scientific evidence of its affects on adolescents and, particularly, athletes.

That will follow a series of informational sessions that AAI representatives will hold with the entire student body over the course of the school day.

School officials say the sessions mark the next step in a process begun last spring to fashion a “fair, consistent and community supported” code of conduct that will hold all students engaged in athletic and co-curricular activities to the same standards of behavior.

It follows a controversial decision by the administration last February to discipline student athletes after a police-raided party in Shrewsbury.

From RBR Superintendent Ed Westervelt:

“RBR has experienced a dilemma that is occurring all over the United States — the school’s role in trying to safeguard its students from effects of drug and alcohol abuse. We hope parents will attend this important presentation so they can fully understand the grave consequences of underage drinking and substance abuse for their children’s health, performance and future.

The RBR Board of Education plans a meeting sometime in November to solicit public input before adopting a revised code of conduct, according to the press release.

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