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Here are highlights from Monday night’s bimonthly meeting of the Red Bank Council:

• Mayor Pasquale Menna announced a settlement between the borough and the Fair Share Housing Center of Cherry Hill over how many affordable housing units the borough has been getting out of builders of new multifamily projects.

The state Council on Affordable Housing had temporarily barred Red Bank from granting final approval to any new projects until a hearing, scheduled for tomorrow in Trenton, over whether the borough was living up to its “fair-share” requirements.

Now, a consent agreement between the borough and the housing center will allow Red Bank to resume zoning and planning board hearings as long as it adheres to whatever COAH requirements are in effect at the time it grants an approval, Menna said.

Today’s Asbury Park Press has more background on the matter.

• The council approved the purchase of six Toughbook laptop computers, software and mounting gear for use in three code enforcement and three fire department vehicles at a cost of $43,000.

Councilman Art Murphy said the integrated technology will aid code enforcers in their inspections, giving them access to a a database of landlord-tenant information, codes and more, while fire department officials will be able to access vital information when responding to alarms. These include the locations of gas shut-offs and electrical panels, said Business Administrator and Fire Marshal Stanley Sickels.

“They need to act very quickly when they roll up on a fire,” said Murphy, who noted that the fire department had agreed to defer for five years any requests for new trucks.

The technology will also give accident responders access to particular information about vehicles to prevent them from cutting into dangerous airbag systems during an extrication, Sickels said.

• The police department will purchase two new Crown Victoria patrol cars to replace two of the same model that have racked up high mileage and will be auctioned. Murphy said the fleet will remain at 16 vehicles, which is down from 19 a few years ago.

• The community center advisory committee is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss competing bids from the Community YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County to create and run a community center at a borough-owned building on Drs. James Parker Boulevard.

• Murphy said the volunteer fire department rescued five people stuck in an elevator at the Molly Pitcher Inn for “several hours” over the weekend. He gave no details.

• Menna noted Councilwoman Grace Cangemi’s election defeat last week and praised her work on the governing body.

“We are part of the same family. Ninety-nine percent of the time we agree,” he told her. “You have been a source of collegiality and positive energy around this table.”

Cangemi, whose term ends December 31, replied “I’m not done yet. Don’t be saying goodbye.”

• Today’s Veteran’s Day observance will be held at 11a at the Veteran’s Monument, corner of Monmouth Street and Drummond Place, next to the Children’s Cultural Center.

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