Img_456872Tad Emptage and MelissaMarie Wilhelm dazzled students with a sampling of flips, spins and slides from their aerial show Monday. The kids also got into the act.

A pair of performers from a show called Circurious rolled into the gym at the Shrewsbury Borough School yesterday, giving kids aged five to fourteen a taste of the aerial life.

The show features Tad Emptage, founder of Cirquetacular Entertainment, and MelissaMarie Wilhelm, who attended the school until third-grade, when her family moved to Chicago.

Now a 26-year-old Brooklyn resident, Wilhelm fondly recalls her first-ever stage role: as the ringmaster in Sally Bond’s first-grade circus.

The full Circurious troupe of 15 to 20 performers takes to the air above the stage of the Count Basie Theatre on December 27. Click for tix, and click pix to enlarge.



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