One of the small pleasures of this feature comes from the variety of answers that readers sometimes submit regarding the same image. Last week’s ‘Where’ was an example.

One thought it showed the yard of a home on the Middletown side of the Navesink River, opposite Oyster Point.

Another pinpointed it as “a reflection upon the Swimming River of the lighted trees in Red Bank on the upper banks, looking south from West Front Street, near the River Plaza Bridge.”

Yet another, ” taking a wild guess,” ventured that it was from the area of 121 Broad Street area — Garmany‘s address.

Actually, as the majority of those who wrote in knew, the photo showed lights reflected in a drainage pond a the Grove at Shrewsbury.

Jenn Woods, Dayna Stein, Steve DePonti Jr., Les Hathaway, Mark Molzon, Quinn Bowler, Trish DePonti, Bob Colmorgen, Mary Kate Kane, medic1876, and Fran Waldmann — thanks for writing in.

If you think you know what the photo above shows and where it was taken, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Just shoot an email to WhereHaveISeenThis@redbankgreen.com, please.

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