Call in the authorities

A registered nurse was arrested while on the job at Riverview Medical Center Saturday, charged with scheming with a Bayshore pizza delivery man to distribute a painkiller, according to Gannett News Service.

The arrest of 48-year-old Vivian Seaman of Union Beach was made in connection with the Friday bust of 32-year old Paul Hatch of Keyport following an investigation by Keyport police, Gannett reports.

Police allege Hatch was dropping off the drug oxycodone while he delivered pizza for a Domino’s store.

From the story:

Police said they still are trying to determine where Seaman obtained the drugs.

Seaman — who began working at the hospital in 1998 — has been suspended without pay from her position at Riverview pending the results of the investigation, said Sara Scipioni, a hospital spokeswoman.

“Our own internal investigation following this arrest also did not reveal any irregularities at Riverview,” Scipioni said in a statement. “We are deeply concerned by any allegation of improper conduct by a member of our team, regardless of where the alleged misconduct may have occurred.”

The owners of the Domino’s could not be reached for comment.

was taken to the Monmouth County Jail, Freehold Township, with bail set
at $27,500. Seaman was released on her own recognizance.

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