Where_01.15.09The answer to last week's Where Have I Seen This? may turn out to be something of a head-slapper for readers who couldn't identify it, given the prominence of the building it shows.

One reader ventured that our photo was of a portion of the former Red Bank municipal building at 32 Monmouth Street (now home to Stokaboka). Another guessed the First Baptist Church on Maple Avenue.

Both, needless to say, were incorrect.

Four others, though, correctly identified it as a detail from the bell tower of St. James Church on Broad Street.

Isn't that a stunning bit of architectural work up there? We must admit that we'd never noticed just how much is going on in that small space — not until New Year's Day, when we caught a glimpse of it at sunset and were mesmerized. Out came the Where Have I Seen This? camera.

Thanks to BOE53, Mark Molzon, Fred Blumberg, Gerald Costello, Jackie Patterson and Trish DePonti for writing in.

If you think you might be able to shed some light on the setting of this week's shot, please send an email to Where Have I Seen This?

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