No. 136 in the series.

Of the 13 responses to last week's Where, seven were wrong. So naturally, we at Where Central could not be more delighted. A near-even split!

Six readers thought the picture was taken at the Red Bank Post Office; one ventured that it was from the Shrewsbury Post Office.

Of course, as Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl and five others noted, the photo is from the lot maintained by the Rumson Post Office on Washington Street between West River Road and Hunt Street.

Thanks to Mark Molzon, Bob Colmorgen, J.C. Kelly, John Megos, Gary Morris, John Grandits, Alan Fisher, Fred Blumberg, Jenn Woods, Edward Keighron, Trish DePonti, Donald Patterson and the mayor for taking a moment to drop us a line.

We hope you'll do the same if you've got any thoughts about the location of this week's Where subject. To expedite the process, click here.

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