Halfacre 1-01-08Getting ready to suit up?

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre is distancing himself from a report that he’s mulling a run for Congress… while at the same time admitting that he’s sorta kinda thinking about it.

Wally Edge, the pseudonym for a blogger at PolitickerNJ.com, writes today that Halfacre

is considering a bid for Congress against Democrat Rush Holt in 2010 and spent some time on last week’s Chamber of Commerce trip to Washington making some early fundraising connections.

True? Here’s what Halfacre told redbankgreen, via email, early this afternoon:

That article has been pointed out to me. I don’t know where the guy gets his info from, but it wasn’t from me. I was on the train, but other than that, I have made no decisions about what to do with myself in 2010.

But when we pressed him, he said this:

As you may know, my term as Mayor is up in 2010, and I am deciding if I want to run for Mayor again, or seek another office, or not seek any office. I have talked  with friends and family about it, and yes, Congress has come up. In our area, we are represented very well locally and at the State and county level, so there are limited opportunities in those areas. So, am I considering it? Yes. But I have at least two years left of work in Fair Haven, and am excited about what we are doing in town.
This is a bit of a surprise, frankly. But it is certainly flattering to be thought of in this way.

Intentionally or not, the Facebooking, Tweeting, tri-athletic chief executive of sleepy little Fair Haven appears to have  been laying lots of digital crumbs for the crumb-trackers lately.

He’s amped up his criticisms of the Dems for runaway spending on the Obama bailout plan and the income-tax problems of Treasury Sec Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for secretary of Health and Human Services.

There were these Tweets on Saturday, for example:

Here’s a good one: Who knew that “change” meant “hope” for Cabinet jobs for tax cheats?


Why is it O.K. for Dems to have tax problems, but not Republicans? Does “post-partisan” mean “All is forgiven”?

He’s also been a persistent critic of Gov. Jon Corzine on taxation, spending and distribution of aid to municipalities. Apparently, this has not enhanced his popularity in Trenton.

There were these live posts from his trip to D.C.:

Note to self: State Treasurer does not like to be confronted about his bad fiscal policies.


Dubliner packed. Corzine ignored me. pissed of Treasurer and Ass. Shaer. time for dinner

Finally, for the tea-leaf crowd, there are these recent posts about who he’s been rubbing elbows with, the first from his D.C. trip and the second upon his return:

Dinner at The Caucus Room with @edtraz…important peeps, who’s who Republican NJ politicos.


Brunch w/NJ GOP Guvs candidates: Lonegan
and Merkt strong on policy. Missed Christie, but guy I was sitting w/
said he also did well.

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