Menna july 2008With the disclosure, Menna delivered on a pledge he made January 1, 2008.

Without fanfare, Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna last night released two lists he’d promised to disclose fourteen months ago: the names residential landlords with the worst records in terms of compliance with safety and overcrowding laws.

Menna read the lists aloud during Monday night’s borough council discussion of a proposed ordinance that would create a ‘deferred prosecution’ path for landlords who comply with all recordkeeping rules and act swiftly to correct situations that would otherwise lead to summonses.

The ordinance passed unanimously.

One list ranks property owners hit with the largest fines in 2008 for overcrowding: View this document

The other is a list of repeat offenders: View this document

Iris Acevedo of Eatontown, whose name appears on both lists, was arrested last year and fined $32,624 by municipal Judge William Himelman for a slew of violations at four properties she owns on the West Side.

Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels says Himelman also imposed a 360-day jail sentence, which he suspended pending Acevedo’s completion of mandatory repairs and other measures to bring the properties into compliance.

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