Tiffany2 Tiffany tied up on Broad Street, and in the arm of his owner, J.R. Naeder, below. (Click to enlarge)

So J.R. Naeder sees redbankgreen taking photos of his dog, Tiffany, tied to a lampost on Broad Street in Red Bank yesterday and comes out from Starbucks, where he’d been relaxing, to tell us what a “chick magnet” she is.

JRWe’d noticed. In the course of about two minutes, a half dozen young women had stopped to pet and blow on the  8-month-old pup’s nose.

Not that Naeder’s interested in that sort of thing, of course; he’s got kids of his own older than many of the  women who coo over his 4.2-pound pooch.

His point is that women find Tiffany irresistible, he says.

And, as if on cue, along comes Margaret Odell of Little Silver, who lights up at the sight of Tiffany. Naeder thrusts the dog into her arms and, well…

OdelliciousSlurp, slurp, slurp. Odellicious! (Click to enlarge)

…the mutual lovefest was on.

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