While last week we brought you the Poet Laureate of the United States,
today’s Red Bank oRBit book nook is all about guiltier pleasures: a visit with the
internationally published writer of historical romance novels known as Kaitlin O’Riley.

At the risk of harshing the romance, we’ll tell you her
real name, what local town she hails from, and where you can get her to
autograph her new book, ‘When His Kiss is Wicked.’
It’s all revealed in our exclusive interview with the author.

From forbidden rendezvous in exotic locales, we take you to pledge drive
time at WBJB-FM, Brookdale College’s radio station, normally as un-romantic an endeavor
as can be imagined. But with manager Tom Brennan’s revolutionary new idea
about to take effect, even pledge drives can become — well, if not SEXY,
then downright bearable.

It’s all there waiting for you in Red Bank oRBit; waiting breathlessly for
your eyes to undress it of its mysteries, to scroll down its naked text as
it surrenders to your rapt attentions…

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