TescoVeeToday's Red Bank oRBit tackles the up-to-the-minute issue that's on
everyone's minds, namely: when exactly did Monday go from mundane to action-packed?

It's nowhere near summer yet, but a quick gaze at the Orb events calendar reveals a fistful
of alternatives to tonight's special episode of TV's 'House.'

For starters, we counted a
sneak preview of a new play about gay men, and a set by Iraq veteran turned
chamber-rock singing sensation Josh Hisle.

There's a free lecture and concert by Arab music virtuoso Simon Shaheen, an equally free listening
party on jazzman Charlie Parker, and a wild show by returning oldschool punk
rocker Tesco Vee (left) and the Meatmen — a band whose many and various
satirical targets include pretty much all of the above.

It's gonna be an action-packed week, and it dawns here and now in Red Bank oRBit.