Those three spheres featured in last week’s ‘Where’ seem to be quite the eye-catchers.

Installed outside the TD Ameritrade office on Broad Street (Route 35) at Monroe Avenue in Shrewsbury, they’re clearly decorative, and lend a touch of whimsy to the site.

But many of the 17 (wow) readers who wrote in — and every one of them got the location right — mused that the spheres also serve a protective purpose against errant vehicles. Matt Villa of Fair Haven referred to them as bollards.

Thanks to Matt and everyone who wrote in: Michael Rooney, Carl and Kathy Lou Colmorgen, Dayna Stein, Mark Lonergan, Ellen Clayton, Bob Wentway, Mary Lynn Wentway, Dan Mancuso, Nick Hubbard Jr., Mike Halfacre (needing no help from his son or wife this time), Cheryl Ameika, Jennifer Diodato-Hernandez, Fran Waldman, Cathi Swett, Fred Blumberg and Jackie Patterson.

This week, we turn your attention from the ground toward the sky. Can you identify what’s in the photo? Make a guess and send it to us an email, please.

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