It's nice to stump the Colmorgen Kids once in a while.

Last week's had brother Carl shrugging his shoulders in resignation as we passed him at his school-crossing-guard station at Broad Street and Harding Road in Red Bank.

Of course, when Carl shrugs, he's shrugging on behalf of sister Kathy Lou, brother Bob and Bob's wife, Debbie. As many readers know, 'Where Have I Seen This?' is a weekly challenge to the whole lot of them, and we love hearing from them. Their attempts to find the answer often involve getting in a car specifically to confirm or debunk a hunch.

But they're right so often it's a small triumph for us to find something they don't recognize. Especially when it's right under their noses.

Or, in this case, Carl's nose. About a block away from his post is Rev. Karen Herrick's office at 205 Broad, where she has a psychology practice and specializes in what she calls in 'spiritual psychology.' Among her clients are some who "have concerns with some paranormal experiences," she tells redbankgreen.

And she's got an abnormal, if not paranormal, sidewalk to her door painted in alternating blocks of green and white, as shown in our photo.

Thanks to Trish DePonti, Cathi Swett and Karen herself for writing in to tell us they recognized it.

How about this week's shot?
If you know where it was taken, or simply want to guess, send us an email, please.

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