Last week, we probably got too obscure for our own good.

Hey, it happens when you're trying to strike a balance between the overly obvious and the impossible-to-identify each week. Every once in a while, you tilt too much in one direction.

That was doubly true with edition no. 151 of Where Have I Seen This?, which came with a caveat that the structure shown isn't visible at all hours of the day; its partly obscured during regular business hours.

Thus, only one reader sent in a response, and it was mistaken. Raeanne Guzzi thought the picture showed a shed next to the railroad tracks on Shrewsbury Avenue in Red Bank.

What it actually shows is a portion of the building at Vespia's Tire Service on Shrewsbury Avenue in Tinton Falls. And what often obscures it is a rack of tires.

Way to let the air out of things, huh?

Thanks to Raeanne for giving it a shot.

The structure featured this week should prove somewhat more recognizable. Do you know where it is? Want to take a flier? Shoot us an email, please.

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