Rbr crash demo1English teacher Andrew Forrest, left, and guidance counselor
Chris Desiere are stabilized after the roof of their vehicle was cut
off around them.

Red Bank Regional seniors got a graphic demonstration this morning of what can go wrong when people drink and drive.

Emergency personnel from Little Silver and Shrewsbury — with assists from a State Police helicopter and the John E. Day Funeral Home — staged the aftermath of a three-car crash on the school grounds.

A week of anti-drunk-driving educational efforts is planned. The senior prom is Friday night.
 Rbr crash demo2 Students crowd around a hearse containing the body of a victim played by English teacher Scott Ferris.

Rbr crash demo 3A State Police helicopter was used to transport a ‘victim’ in the detail-rich depiction of an accident aftermath. Below, a student reaches to take a photo of the enactment’s fatality, played by Ferris.Rbr crash demo4

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