So who is Pokey LaFarge? Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit endeavors to explain, to the degree that the country-blues-ragtime-roots-Americana performer can be explained. Described as “a twentysomething acoustic warrior” and “a hobo Pee Wee Herman,” he’s got the look and the feel of the Depression-era balladeer Woody Guthrie — and just in case you doubt his boxcar bona fides, he’s been known to hitch-hike hundreds of miles to his next gig.


This Thursday night, the up-and-coming cult-country sensation comes to the greater Red Bank orbit — with full band and full metal van — for the first time, in an intimate evening at The Claddagh in Highlands. It’s another entry in our pal Mike Patrick‘s Suburban Roots Concert Series, and for those of you whose notion of American music runs a little deeper than what they’re serving up these days at Six Flags, this could be one of those “I was there” opportunities to tell your grandchildren, or the future social-networking equivalent thereof.

That thin young stranger at the side of the road has a story to tell and a song to share, exclusively in Red Bank oRBit!