stuck-truckYes, again. Westbound this time. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Helfman)

This one’s definitely in the dog-bites-man category. But hey, it’s a slow news day, and as long as we’re on the topic

Another truck got stuck briefly beneath the New Jersey Transit trestle over West Front Street in Red Bank this morning.

Reader Gregg Helfman snapped the above shot and was kind enough to send it to us.

Capt. Darren McConnell of the Red Bank police tells us no one was hurt and the traffic tie-up that resulted from the accident was quickly cleared.

He also says that flashing signs alerting drivers of the bridge clearance have reduced such incidents, but the police still have to respond to several a month at the location, between Shrewsbury Avenue and Hubbards Bridge.

Others, like yesterday’s incident, in which the truck is not believed to have touched the trestle, go unreported to police, McConnell said.