There are hotly anticipated new features starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Hillary Swank and Daniel Day-Lewis. Festival circuit darlings and foreign-made standouts. There’s even the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore — and you won’t have a chance of seeing any of them, at least not for a while, unless you sneak a peek at Red Bank oRBit first.

Today’s edition of our entertainment-minded satellite site offers a chat with Chuck Rose (above), the Brielle-based film scholar and screenwriter who for 20 years now has presented the Filmmakers Symposium series, a subscription-only event that returns to the Loews Monmouth Mall multiplex this month with a 12-week program of not-yet-released new films, discussions and even some surprise appearances by actors, filmmakers and other dream-factory professionals.

Rose has hosted the likes of Alan Arkin, Ethan Hawke, Helen Mirren, Viggo Morensen and Kevin Smith in the past, so anything’s certainly possible — but it’s only accessible by signing up, and we’ve got the details (as well as a first look at the possibly featured films for 2009) right here in Red Bank oRBit!